Buyer’s Market–Seller’s Market…It’s The Market

Consumers agree it’s a good time to buy real estate.  Rismedia March 25, 2011.  According to the latest Spending and Saving Tracker from American Express, more than two in five (41%) of Americans agreed that it’s a buyer’s market.  Homeowner confidence on whether they would receive the asking price for their home is nearly evenly split—43% said they are confident they would; 47% are not very or not at all confident. The latest statistics for Chester County report an 89% Sale Price/List Price differential, lower than in many years.  This shows that many sellers over-price their listings and end up accepting 10% less than they had originally asked for.  The impact on this for other Sellers is the buyer’s perception that every house is over-priced by at least 10%.  My advice to sellers is “price it to sell right from the start, this strategy always nets the highest price in the shortest time.”
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1 Response to Buyer’s Market–Seller’s Market…It’s The Market

  1. Bela says:

    Great analysis and good advice Lin. Nice blog!

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