Mentally Strong People– what they have in common!

I recently found an article that I had saved because the title “Mentally Strong People: Things They Avoid”, written by Cheryl Conner in Forbes online hit a nerve for me.  I saved it because I did not want to make these mistakes, I was determined to strengthen my mind and be a person with tenacity, optimism, competence and someone with a plan for success!  So what are the things that mentally strong people avoid: well here’s a short list that I’m working on–one day at a time:

Mentally strong people don’t feel sorry for themselves, They don’t waste time if things or situations turn out badly, they respond with phrases like “oh well”, “next” and “lesson learned!”  They take responsibility and move on.

Mentally strong people don’t waste time on things they can’t control.  They know their strength is in the ability to manage the way they respond.  They don’t complain about traffic, lost luggage, or other people.  They recognize that many factors are beyond their control, and the the one thing they can control is their response or attitude.

Mentally strong people don’t shy away from change or fear taking risks. They embrace change and welcome challenges, and their biggest concern in not the unknown but becoming complacent, stagnant or bored. These individuals weigh the risks and benefits and even consider the worst-case scenarios before taking action–but they TAKE ACTION.

Mentally strong people don’t worry about pleasing others. They strive to be kind, fair and to please others where appropriate, but are unafraid to speak up.  They can withstand controversy and can handle someone getting upset–trying to approach uncomfortable situations and angry people with grace.

Mentally strong people don’t dwell on the past.  There is strength in acknowledging the past and especially acknowledging things learned, but the majority of your energy should be spent creating an optimal present and future. Mentally strong people don’t make the same mistakes over and over again, instead they learn from their mistakes and have the ability to be self-reflective in a productive way.

Mentally strong people don’t fear being alone.  They even treasure the time alone to reflect, plan, relax and re-group.  They are happy being with others and can also be happy alone.  Strong people don’t depend on others for their happiness.

Mentally strong people don’t expect immediate results.  These individuals are in life for the long haul— in relationships, business, health & exercise, or personal growth, they know better than to expect immediate results.  They have staying power! Genuine change takes time and positive goals are worth waiting for.  

Mentally strong people don’t give up!  Every failure is a chance to improve and grow.  Most successful people are willing to admit that their earlier efforts brought many failures.  They are willing to fail again and again if necessary, as long as they they learn from each mistake.  A successful person knows that each failure brings them closer to their ultimate goal.




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